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by Bruce Birkeland and Scott Acker

Some of the best residential architecture and architects in the world are here.

From Mid-Century Modern, Art Deco, Colonial Revival, Craftsman, Gothic Revival, Prairie Style, Victorian Eclectic—the list of significant architectural styles in the Twin Cities is a dynamic one. Maybe it's the challenges of the very different seasons, maybe it's the diverse, beautiful landscape of trees, lakes, prairie, farm, and parkland, but architects are famously drawn to design and build modern homes here. Frank Lloyd Wright, William Purcell, Ralph Rapson, Charles Stinson, Michael Graves—just a few of the names that have made Twin Cities architecture stand out. 

The secret to selling architecture is finding people (and realtors) who love architecture.

The art of selling architecture requires a unique marketing strategy: networking with local and national like-minded Brokers/Realtors, a strong interactive presence, targeted direct mail and print ad campaigns, world-class photography, and unparalleled property presentation. Scott Acker and Bruce Birkeland have an astonishing success rate—having sold more modern homes and architectural real estate than any other local Realtor.

Realtor Scott Acker sells modern architecture homes

Scott Acker shares novel, award-winning—and just plain cool—Twins Cities architecture with prospective buyers, like-minded brokers, the community, and others who like homes with a modern twist.

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